Lake Annecy: One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Europe

Annecy, a small and old town in France, is a prominent destination for travelers. Visit this pace if are eager to soak in the pristine beauty of Lake Annecy amidst widespread greenery and mountains. The lake is one of the purest in Europe, and the cleanest waters make it the darling of France. Situated to the south of the quaint town of the same name, 9 miles long and 2 miles wide amazingly pure lake fed by mountain springs is an idyllic location in the French Alps.

Lake Annecy: the Most Beautiful Lake in Europe

With its turquoise water, the sparkling lake has a mesmerizing landscape. The visitors can get atop the surrounding viewpoints of Roc de Chere, Tournette, and Semnoz to enjoy the infinite beauty of the scenery. Such is the appeal of the breathtaking alpine scenery that, despite not being as famous as some other lakes in Europe, such as Lake Bled and Lake Garda, the lesser-known Lake Annecy France is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The scenery is a show stopper, and the picture-perfect town, along with the scope for numerous activities, draws many tourists.

Luring Swimmers, Bathers, and Water Sports Lovers

Fun-loving swimmers find the lake most attractive as it sparkles in the glorious hues of turquoise and sapphire, creating an irresistible charm. Viewing the lake from the banks creates such excitement that swimmers feel like jumping into the water without batting an eyelid. The summertime temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius makes swimming a pleasant and refreshing experience. Moreover, there is enough scope for enjoyment from various water sports in the lake – kayaking, sailing, diving, windsurfing, etc. For more fun, tourists can avail of the Omnibus Shuttle Boat Service to cruise around the lake. Boat rental facilities are available in each port. Besides sailing, you can take wakeboarding or paddle boarding to enjoy the views from the glittering water surface.

Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Land

Those who don’t want to dip in the water or sail around the lake to soak in the beauty of the surroundings can sit back and enjoy the views from the land while looking across the water. The snow-capped Tournette Mountain in the backdrop looks mesmerizing. To discover the demographics of the lake surroundings and soak in the natural beauty, you can take a short walk from the northern end and progress to the old town of Annecy. The several canals passing through the town look resplendent all around the year.

Sevrier and Saint Jorioz on the left bank, along with Duingt and its chateau, spread up to the water’s edge. On the right bank is Menthon Saint Bernard, and its chateau, Veriyar, and its viewpoint overlook the lake. The viewpoint at Roc de Cher end of the Bout du Lac nature reserve is at the lake’s southern end.

You can sign off the tour after reaching Faverges, the source of the lake located a few kilometers away.

Walk around the Lake or Ride A Bicycle

Tourists can either walk around the lake or ride bicycles, which are part of Lake Annecy France‘s landscape. Along the west bank is a walking and cycling path linking Annecy to Ugine. To embark on a full bicycle tour of the lake, you can keep cycling along the main road parallel to the east bank. The 18-hole golf clubs at Giez and Tallories have beautiful courses beside the lake with stunning views.

To enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lake, you must reach Col de la Forclaz, a paragliding spot that is one of the most beautiful in France. In addition, there are several hiking routes to enjoy the landscape’s splendid beauty and breathtaking views of the lake.

Lover’s Bridge

Never miss out on visiting the Lover’s Bridge in Lake Annecy France. Also known as Pont des Amors, it’s one of the most beautiful spots that enhances the place’s attraction. The bridge made of iron joins two pretty gardens, and local folklore suggests that if two lovers kiss on the bridge, their bonding will be for a lifetime. After lingering on the bridge, gently tread on the adjoining grassy park dotted with fountains known as the Gardens of Europe.  You can idle your time by watching people, or if touring in a group, it’s an ideal sport for picnics.

No visit to Lake Annecy can be complete without touring the town of Annecy. It earned the sobriquet of ‘the Venice of the Alps’ because of the canals that embrace the town.