Things to Do in New Jersey: Explore the Options

You should write off New Jersey for two other cities that are much more sought-after. These include Philadelphia and New York. However, despite Jersey City’s diminutive size, this Garden State is full of activity options. Starting from weekend trips to travelers flocking to this for the first time, find out the options that you can indulge in when you come to the New Jersey Cities. Let us find out the things to do in New Jersey trip.

Activities and Things to Do in New Jersey

Below is a list of some of the best things to do in New Jersey.

1. Cape May

It is a trendy resort town. Since the 18th century, the town has been regarded as a wealthy man’s hub. Situated on the Delaware Bay, you will find Victorian architecture around. The place appeals to several tourists from all over the country and globe.

2. Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City harbors the Boardwalk. Built in 1870, initially, it was a resort or seaside attraction. However, these days, you will find that attractive hotels and resorts encircle the place. The Boardwalk stretches for around four miles and is just beside the sea.

3. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

This was the former home and laboratory of Thomas Edison. The two buildings where Thomas Edison performed all his experiments are here. He invented stuff like movie cameras and batteries. He also invented a sound recording device. The place of residence of Thomas Edison is a mansion that has 29 rooms. You must pre-book the tickets to avoid rush. Tickets might be limited as well.

4. Battlefield State Park

A state park, visiting this place is one of the many things to do in New Jersey. The park stretches over an area of 200 acres. This is historical because it is right here where the Battle of Princeton took place in 1777. As an outcome of the battle, George Washington won it. Clarke House Museum is yet another place where you can pay a visit. It served as a hospital for the injured people in the battle.

5. Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is situated on the state border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The water gap stretches over an area of 70,000 acres. The area included a 40 mile area of the Delaware River. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, and even swimming here.

6. Paterson Great Falls

People come to this place for its scenery and waterfalls. There are many viewpoints that you can enjoy from here.

The places of interest mentioned above are few. Many others are equally attractive. You can visit Jersey City to enjoy all these pleasures. So there are so many things to do in New Jersey that will keep your occupied.