Why is Chiang Mai Called the Digital Nomad Capital?

Chiang Mai has long been considered the digital nomad of the world. The Forbes broadcast the same in 2016. It is sometimes referred to as a kind of Mecca for such nomads. Professionals from the digital world flocked to Thailand’s northern city to set up home and work from there.

Let us find out in the following paragraphs about the significance of this one of the Digital Nomads.

Chiang Mai – Mecca for digital tourists

There are a few reasons why digital travelers are attracted to the city, and they are as follow. So, let us take one factor at a time.

1. Cost of living or Geo Arbitrage

A concept that exists in lifestyle and finance design is called Geo Arbitrage. This is a process in which you relocate to another country to avail yourself of the low cost of living.

As such, Hotel Chiang Mai extends a unique opportunity for Geo Arbitrage when it comes to remote workers and entrepreneurs. The cost of living is slashed by almost half. At the same time, the effective taxes remain low too. This means you are in a better position to save a lot more than you are doing at your present location.

2. Day-to-day living is comparatively easier

The sheer day-to-day is much easier in Chiang Mai. But the same does not apply to the capital city of Bangkok. One of the main reasons is that the pace of life could be more relaxed and focused in Bangkok, but it is way easier here.

The national character in Thailand differs from the North and that of the South. One of the main reasons is that they once were separate kingdoms. Siam is in the South, and Lanna is in the North. While Bangkok was the political and aristocratic center of power and industry, Lanna was rural and remained an independent tributary state. And Chiang Mai was the capital of the same.

3. Community of digital professionals

If you are into an online business and engaged in offering digital services, this Mecca of digital professionals has a community comprising them. As such, it also adds value to your business as you can approach them for your business services and operations.

Nimman is the hub for digital nomad activity, and this place boasts several co-working spaces where you can work in tandem with other digital professionals and entrepreneurs. You have the opportunity to take part in workshops, seminars, and conferences. This place offers an ample supportive ecosystem as far as digital activity is concerned.

Aside from having the above advantages, it is also a safe city to live in. It has WiFi everywhere and with commendable speed. Most importantly, the connectivity to other locations from here is good, too. You can also book in any hotel Chiang Mai accommodation option and then look for the best option here at the mecca of digital nomads.